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WELCOME TO MY PAGE (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Hello people o/ My names Hayley and well I’m probably just really normal and idk what to right so umm yeah =A=I live in Australia and obviously I’m in love with anime, manga and Video Games owo. I’ve been watching anime since I was about 6, But it wasn’t until 2013 that I actually knew I was watching anime at the time (I just thought they were cartoons…well they are but they aren’t if you know what I mean) I usually binge watch my anime because I can’t leave it oAo So I tend to watch it later in the night or early in the morning and then through the day o3o.

I’m always open to anime suggestions and I guess there isn’t much I won’t watch. There are a few genres that are a bit ehh which include:

There’s a few here and there but those are probably the main ones. As for my favourites huhuhu ill only list 4 or we will be here all day….

So yeah I guess that sums that up lol. If you are actually still reading -hands cookie- you deserve it lol.

Now for the fun part >:D Time to list a few of my favourite anime! These are just a few so feel free to ask for more of my recommendations/favourites.

You Should Really check these out >w<


So I guess I should stop talking… or typing…sooo… I’m going to go watch anime now owo

If you have any questions or are looking for something feel free to ask me...Pwease T^T I’m lonely...haha jk….no really though.

So yeah!

*Hands Cookie* Have a Good Day <3





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UsagiDandere Jun 28, 2016

Oh ma gosh...  So I suck I replying, but I have some time now so OwO

Sorry though >.<

I'm definitely going to have to watch Red Data Girl, but how's it going? Any other good anime you've stumbled across while I've been dawdling? What do you think of Kiznaiver?

UsagiDandere Feb 3, 2016

Blast of Tempest was a good one; I really liked Yoshino <3 That's the only one I've seen from your recs though! That's good stuff, thank you ^_^

So, I remember seeing an ad for Red Data Girl one time, but I had forgetten about it until now. If you don't mind me asking, what made it one of your favorites? The premise does sound interesting. I'd love to hear you thoughts on Chrono Crusade too?

As for my recommendations, here are some of my favorites!

  1. Steins;Gate
  2. Hunter x Hunter 2011
  3. Kids on the Slope
  4. Your Lie in April
  5. Noucome

I'm also love with Big Windup so far... I'm only on the 10th episode, but the MC is so kawaii xD

UsagiDandere Jan 26, 2016

Haha, it's all good! I'm just glad that kohai noticed me ^____^

So, since we have such similar tastes, any recommendations? I would return the favor of course 0.<

UsagiDandere Jan 13, 2016

Oh my gosh! Finally another alpac- *excuse me* homeschooler on here! Sorry, I just love your profile (literally everything about it, but especially your alpaca intro) >w<

We seem to have similar tastes, and I think you're also the first person I've seen here that likes Gargantia (Ledo <333)

Basically... notice me kohai? xD

AstheralKya Jan 13, 2016

 Thank youu u're so sweet :3 if I need something I'll gladly ask you ˚ω˚ and Also I 'll be happy to follow your page ^ω^