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Well, my name is Willem, and I love watching anime as you can see.

Points in anime which I like the most, and influence the rating I give to anime:

While these points influence my rating badly, I still have a special system for rating anime. I simply rate anime by how much I loved the anime and how much I could recommend it to someone else.

To explain my rating system:

0.5 Stars:
This anime is totally crap in all points. I regret watching every single frame, and will never ever even think of this again.

1.0 Stars: This anime is very bad in nearly every point. I won't watch this ever again.

1.5 Stars: I don't like this anime much. While some points were okay, it got too much bad points, and it has not amused me in most ways. Won't watch this again.

2.0 Stars: This anime is in some points good, but also bad in some points. I won't recommend this, and will only watch again if I'm really bored and have nothing else to do.

2.5 Stars: Average. This anime is good and bad. Nothing really special. Just.. average. The good and the bad points balance each other out.

3.0 Stars: Acceptable. I think this anime is fun, and I loved to watch it. Not the best of the best, but still fun in some way.

3.5 Stars: Nice. I really enjoyed this anime, and hope they will make a second season, if it's not there already.

4.0 Stars: Totally awesome! This anime was very good! I can recommend this to everyone, and really loved to watch it! Can't wait till the next season comes out!

4.5 Stars: The BEST of the BEST! Perfection!! You gotta watch this! This anime is good in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT! There are nearly no bad points in this anime. Even if it has some, they are so minor they don't have any influence in the amount of fun I had watching it. I will recommend this anime to EVERYONE, and gladly watch it again!

Well, this is how I rate anime. I hope it gives some good overview in how my opinion goes in the anime series.

Oh wait.. I forgot something, didn't I?

Ahh, the 5.0 Stars rating. You are wondering why I didn't list it? Well, because it's my exceptional rating. I give nearly no anime this rating. Why? Because this is a special rating to me. It points out the anime I loved so much, that I totally became a fan of it. It was so extremely great and good, that no words can describe how much I love this anime. Not a single anime can be compared to my 5.0 Stars rated anime. That's why it's my exceptional rating that I give to nearly no anime.

Ah well, I hope you enjoy my list of anime as much as I did :)

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