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Dec 26, 2012

Going in, I didn't know much about Gunbuster-I just knew that it was the directorial debut of Hideaki Anno of Evangelion fame. I felt similar thoughts on the first review.

Through its 6 episodes, I found that much like the two worlds they present (the timeline of Earth vs. the silent stillness of space) I felt like I was crusing through events that may have happened. This was brought about by the realism in the animation and the world's presentation. This amplified the plot of humanity bonding together to bring about victory over aliens. As previously mentioned, these two worlds present an interesting idea of how the characters are affected by time travel and age which I found to be a great dynamic-a peek into the telescope. I actually enjoyed the ending far more than I thought I would, but I personally enjoy black and white films; it even got my father (who is not the biggest anime fan) to sit down and watch it-the final episode alone is something to behold. However, I found the pace to be a bit slow which was only healed with the few mecha fights. The tech Star Trek-like babble didn't help me and it was difficult for me to understand the full scope of the alien threat with few visuals on the enemy.

I didn't find the sound to be jarring and that it fit with the anime's feel.

"Gunbuster" has a small cast and though I would have liked the characters to have experienced a bit more both in and out the mechas, it could have been a lot worse. At times, I felt certain events made the character development a bit rushed in that its impact seems either hit or miss on the viewer (Noriko's crush and guilt over Smith and Amano's crush on Coach), but I'm thankful that they at least attempted to have the pilots have problems that affected their careers and that the pilots are given just as much time in the spotlight (or perhaps even more) than the mechas themselves.

All in all, "Gunbuster" is a title that didn't whisk me away in awesomeness, but it's an enjoyable short title. I recommend it to any fans of science fiction or Gainax to see their early roots (the psychological aspects of Evangelion and the overcoming confidence against great odds in Gurren Lagann were hinted least to me as a viewer just to name two prime examples)

?/10 story
?/10 animation
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6/10 overall
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