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Eureka Seven Ao #1

12 APR

Gorgeous animation, lush, thriving environments brimming with detail and OH, WHAT'S THAT? THE FUCKING WORLD IS ENDING? YOU BETCHA!

 + Sounds are vibrant, descriptive and full, but I think I need to give this episode another watch, moreover another listen when I'm less drained from work... A huge selling point of E7 for me was the score and brilliant use of house music throughout the series, the former I haven't really felt save for during the sweeping aerial intro sequence and the latter may be a ways off and rightfully so... 

+ I can dig this new implementation of the Coral, but that's what it is (for now) -- another approach to having ones personal space displaced by... Yes that's right: enormous, interdimensional ossified broccoli. So far, the g-monster-summoning space broccoli has been hinted at being linked to ao's mother who may have been (a) eureka, who may in turn have been wanted by the military for reasons we can safely assume have nothing to do with weaponizing cute green-haired girls. Moving on...

+ Introduce mascot character within first five minutes of series? CHECK! Bones, you are on top of your game. Noah was cute-ish, and gets points from me for looking like a sloth? Is he a for-real sloth? That's kind of awesome.

+++ Ao is infinitely more likeable than Renton was at series start. Hopefully they are going to exclude the manning-up process for Ao (it certainly looks like he's already set to kick some ass) and we can avoid having to sit through a Second Summer of Renton. 

-- I'm not sure I like this Private Sector world-saving company and its crack PiedPiper unit. Im just not a fan of extremely transparent fairy-tale allusions in general... In fact, that contributed significantly to my hatred of Jin-Roh: the wolf brigade. It most obviously seems like this is going to be our new Gekkostate. Is Ao going to hook up with them while fleeing the military('s hired thugs) as they show up on the scene to fuck up some g-monsters? 



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