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15 JAN

So, I wanted a light and short anime to watch yesterday. For some reason I picked kampfer. ecchi school stories aren't my thing yet I did wanted to give one of those a chance.

Good lord, the story sucks, the characters are bad cliches, the animation is an average and the sound is unremarkable. BUT I COULDN'T STOP WATCHING!!!

The context is so absurd it's funny. Seems like every school girl in japan is either a lesbian or bisexual, whose parents left 'em to live alone; and they are fine inviting whoever to 'sleep over' and handing over their virginity at the faintest sign. All that while in a highschool where no one seems surprised to see gunshots in the walls or massive structural destruction every other day. 

As every reviewer before me will tell you (yes I read em all, just to be sure I'm sane) when all those elements combines the result is unexpected. You get hooked. And I will tell you the reason: it's not the ecchi, it's not the 'action', it's not the plot (lol)... you just wanna know who the hell the moron-cliche-dense-trany main character is gonna choose. It's the same reason you watched all 7 seasons of Ranma even tho after the 4rth it stop making any sense: you just wanted Ranma to effing kiss Akane and be done with it! Well same goes here, you get a squadron of horny highschoolers rubbing their bodies against Senou (literally... individually, at the same time... on several ocations... and in every degree of... rubbiness), and he, as a good mentally challenged harem main character, seems completely confused about what these girls might want from him. Good thing its only 12 episodes long, cause I gotta tell you: if it were 24, I might have watched 'em all the same, dying a little from the inside while hidding in a closet nearby; as I did with the first 12.

So, would I recomend it? gee...I don't know.

Tell you what, go watch 12 episodes of Ranma and get rid of that unhealthy gender-bender curiosity you got, then go watch something else.

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Unclelucas avatar Unclelucas
May 25, 2012

Lol your review gave me a good chuckle... I have this anime listed as dropped... yet I can't remember ever watching it. Thanks to your review i'll have to go give it another try. Great review.

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