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I dunno I tend to finish most series I start to watch, no matter how horrible they end up being.

I really don't remember what got me watching anime in the first place. I kinda remember watching Dragonball when it was first dubbed in Canada in the mid-90's, that and my brother used to get me to record Sailor Moon for him when he never had cable.

I like a few different genres, mostly dramas, that and the odd good action, or comedy series.

I have a strong dislike for dubbing, not saying that they all suck, but I haven't watched many dubs that didn't. Mainly cus' the voices rarely seem to fit the character.... and they add and subtract stuff in the translation.

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sothis says...

Your recs are great so far... thanks for putting in a lot of effort into making them sound fantastic! :)

Jun 11, 2008