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Name: Buwie

Age: 18

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Religion: Wiccan

Sport: Swimming

Favorite Animal: Wolf

Favorite Color: Silver

Favorite Food: Chocolate and Chili Dogs

Favorite Drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi

Favorite Genre: Fantasy

Favorite Author: David Clement-Davies

Favorite Book: The Sight

Favorite Movies: Twister, The Crow, Beauty and the Beast, Pcahontas, 101 Dalmations, All Dogs Go to Heaven

Favorite non-anime characters: Brassa, Kar, Larka, Stevie Ray, Belle, Pocahontas

Favorite Bands: Hurt, 10 Years, Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Sirenia, Battlelore, Aural Vampire

Favorite Songs: Rapture by Hurt and Wasteland by 10 Years

Favorite Instrument: Violin

Favorite Subject: Science

Favorite Moonphase: New Moon

Favorite Weather: Rainy

Favorite God/Goddess: Amaterasu

Favorite Time of Day: Night


Currently Reading: Another Fine Myth and Ill Wind

Currently watching:

Currently listening to:Heaven Only Knows~Richard Marx

Currently playing:

Seeing as how AP doesn't have all the anime and manga I've seen/read an up to date list and time line can be found on my MAL profile: http://myanimelist.net/profile/buwie


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Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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psychedelicwolf says...

thank you for the link to the pics it looks like you had a great time

Dec 12, 2009
psychedelicwolf says...

thats cool so where do you live? i thought you lived in the uk from the sounds of it you dont lol

Dec 6, 2009
psychedelicwolf says...

ok cool np i pleased you enjoyed it are you going to go to any next year? im planing on going to the one in london

Dec 3, 2009
psychedelicwolf says...

just work and reading manga and watching anime you and how did you get on with the anime convention? when you going to put the pics up?

Dec 2, 2009
psychedelicwolf says...

thats cool i look forward to seeing them

Sep 10, 2009