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Hey!I'm Raymond but call me Ray for short. 15 in high-school but actually very mature in my opinion.I like anime and japanese music, mostly from anime openings and endings.They range from rock and techno.

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Baeron Feb 9, 2009


Welcome! Its customary here to leave a big hand-shaped, purple welt on your face as a sign of welcoming newcomers! MUahahahahahahahh!

Hmm... Ecchi ... Romance?.. Hooo so you like the shows where girls just randomly crawl into some guy's bed and scare them just for the hella it?

... Err.. I could suggest Eiken... but thats usually about 20x more ecchi than most people wanna watch. XP... Zero No Tsukaima has a second season.. etc... uhm.. yeah so take care, and remember to put ice on that big purple welt! Hahahahahahah!

PenguinGuru Feb 9, 2009

I like Japanese music too. If you poke around online for a while you can find some good stuff. I have about 5 gigs right now.

Kari5 Feb 9, 2009
Welcome to Anime Planet! If you have any questions about the site, please feel free to message me.