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I am an older African American guy whose hobby is anime and manga.  I'm not the dorkey type neither a I some type of perverted lolicon.  I am generally a very good natured and well mannered person.  I don't like bullies whether cyber or real and I can take a joke also. I guess I like anime because I got got bored with watching American cartoons with no story line. That was until my brother introduced me to DBZ on American television.  I then sought more of a variety so I got a new computer and started ordering more Japenese anime.  The problem was most of them were not translated into english.  Thank God for miracles when I started browsing the internet for translated anime and manga.  I hope that my presense here would broaden my horizons and help me develop new friendships.  I needed a place where I could finally express myself and give my opinions. The only person in the world who I could do that withbefore is my nephew.  Hope you guys post lots of things for me to read in the future.

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