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My Love for CLANNAD Part 3

16 DEC

It seemed like nothing could bring me down now that I had almost the entire collection of CLANNAD in my possession.  As I continued to watch what... read more

My Love for CLANNAD Part 2

18 OCT

After favoriting the ending theme of CLANNAD (Dango Daikazoku) on Youtube, I then began to search for the rest of the series to watch.  I started... read more

My love for CLANNAD part 1

24 JUL

Let's begin with how I found out about the great wonderful anime known as CLANNAD.  I was at a local Wal-mart waiting for my family to find me so... read more

Favorite Character Types

24 JUL

Anime-planet doesn't have fav character types so I guess i'll just blog about them...  My favorite character type by far is Tsundere!!! I love ho... read more