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Been watching anime for a while (obviously) I prefer male protagonist in my animes, somehow animes from a femenine perspective are way too girly for my taste, unless they are tomboys(Ouran Host Club). Other girly animes that i may have watched don't count after all i am allowed to go to the other side and see what i really like.

Picking my favorite anime is really hard. I like all of them but there are only a few that would watch again.

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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thor123 May 4, 2016

Hello, and thanks for adding custom lists on Anime-Planet!

We recently launched some changes and now have a few new privacy levels for lists, including ‘Private’ (the default value for custom lists), and ‘People who visit my profile’ for personal tracking (‘Things I plan to watch in 2016’) that your friends might want to know about, or personal challenge lists, etc. These can be seen in your profile, or everywhere across the site for those who follow you. Here’s a full writeup of the privacy levels.

Your list "My top anime" has been changed to ‘People who visit my profile’ - you’ll see a small eye icon (that only you or your followers will see) next to these lists titles. The reason for this change is the lack of descriptions/ reasons for why the items are in your list. If you eventually decide to turn this into a community list (‘best of’ list with descriptive titles and descriptions for each list item) feel free to change the privacy level to “Everyone” to make the list public.

Thanks, and let me know if you have any questions!