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Story: The story in this show is pretty nice, years ago the 'Fog' came from nowhere with battleships much more powerfull then the humans had and with them they locked down the oceans and cut all communications. the Fog's battleships all look like human ones only with glowing marks on them... one shouldn't however judge a book b it's cover. these warships are alive, they are some kind of alien weapons that have taken the shape of battleships. after coming to earth they developed a 'Mental Model' around their core which is like a human body with which they can walk around anywhere they wish and still control their battleship because it's part of them and they're always connected to it. the anime follows one of those Fog submarines around, this submarine is a litle special because the only order it remembers is to find Chihaya Gunzou (a human) and obey his orders. Gunzou and his crew go around taking jobs and fighting with other Fog battleships in the hopes that one day humans can break free from the Fog and have their planet back.

Animation: for this show they kinda used the same animations as they did for kingdom, it's like semi 3-D or something, I'm not a big fan of this kind of animation (which is why I deducted a point) but when the batleships or mental models of the fog fight the animations are simpl amazing with laserbeams, lightning.....they even split the ocean at some point. it all looks very well done.

Sound: well not much to say about it really, it sounds good...

Characters: every character in this show is pretty unique, there is a wide variety of them. even all the Fog's Mental Models all have a unique personality. For example there is a Mad Scientist type, a Childish Happy-go-Lucky type, a very very very serious type, an insecure but smart type. I could go on and on but watching it for yourself is much more fun then reading a review.

Overall: even though I was doubting wether I should start watching this show, I ended up realy enjoying it. there's a nice story that isn't hard to get into or to follow, the characters are all great and the animations are very nice. so try 1 or 2 episodes out....I'm sure you'll be pulled into it after that.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.9/10 overall

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