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Sakamichi no Apollon

Sep 27, 2013

Sakamichi no apollon isn't the most amazing anime in my opinion.

the story plays mostly in the 60's (I know because john coltrane died in 67 and it's mentioned) so you can see that the classrooms are mostly wood colored and old fashioned. the story is decent and gave a 'this could actually happen to someone' feeling that a lot of anime really don't give. there were some funny bits, some embarrasing, some emotional but most of it is slice-of-life stuff. and even though towards the end it seems like things won't end well they manage to get a happy ending, which in my opinion was the best part of this anime.

the animation isn't done very well, one of the main characters, Ri-chan (a girl), definitely has the face of a boy. (if you don't believe me then get a frame where you can clearly see her from the front and block the tails on both sides of her head). I also always pay attention to the eyes they use for anime and though I have seen worse than what was used here I've also definitely seen a whole lot better. also in one of the episodes a lot of students were runing but kinda weird as if their feet were going too quickly and they're bodies had tocatch up.

about the sound, overall it was alright but seeing as I'm not a jazzfan most of their sessions just sounded like noise. there were still a few nice pieces being used that even I could appreciate though.

apart from Ri-chan having the face of a boy and some characters I really didn't like, they did manage to get a wide range of personalities in the story. they were wel done and felt realistic compared to other anime.

I gave it 3 stars, which I would translate to say: 'At least try to watch it. I didn't think it was the best but I enjoyed it and I'm sure most people would.'

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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Funkgun Sep 27, 2013

I was disapointed with the last third of the title. It meandered. and I agree it was just not all the spectacular.

I guess the best part is the music, and if you did not like Jazz, I bet you felt like the title was hell. 

Good review