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Judato Jul 5, 2008

Look, i have found another web page to see anime online, the quality of the series its good and they update it all the time, its: www.animeid.com; the only problem its that i think all the series are in english with spanish subs, but i am not sure look for yourself.

Bye and take care. 

Judato Jun 20, 2008

Right now im seeing SAMURAI 7 (im near to finishing it) NARUTO SHIPPUUDEN (Up to date in the episodes), and Tomorrow i will see DEATH NOTE REWRITE THE VISUALIZING GOD , im in vacations now and that give me a lot of time to spend between ANIME, SOCCER, AND MUSIC.  By the way i must make good use of this free time because its the last before i enter the Internship.

About a good anime page, well i not use to watch anime online i prefer to download it via torrent (IN MININOVA MOSTLY), but a friend who watch anime too uses YOUTUBE, and generally the episodes have good quality and you search for the language you want.

Well bye for now take care and good luck. Glad to keep in touch with you. 

Judato Jun 9, 2008

This is a short message for saying Hi, and for ask how are thing going on...

I like to know what are you seeing of anime in this moment.

And if you like, i like to know something about yourself (You dont have a Bio Info, but if you dont like to say things about you, excuse me for my daring ) .

Well bye and Take care. Talk with you later.

Judato May 23, 2008

Could i add you as one of my favorite users, if you dont mind?

PD: I really must say that in this site the best tastes in anime are founded in womens, for my its a very nice surprise. all the people i met until now that worth to talk with, are womans.

Well bye, talk again later.

Judato May 8, 2008

You have a good taste in anime,congratulations.In my country is a little rare that a women interest in anime, they have other hobbies, in your case not only appears that you like anime, more than that you have a very good sense selecting it.

Your list have a lot in common with some of my selected anime.

By the way, great avatar, im finishing Medicine studies and Zoidberg is one of my heros (jeje not the best example to follow) .

Well bye and good luck.