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22 APR

I love Ami. Alot.

I also love Minori. Alot.

Those two girls were my favorite characters in the show. I wanted so badly for Minori or Ami (mostly Minori) to end up with Ryuuji.

Ami was so insightful. I mean, she knew a lot about other people and herself. She could tell what they were feeling, and most of the time why they were feeling it. I loved how she would not let anyone try to smother their feelings. She made them realize and accept them. Her personality was also kick ass.

What I liked about Minori at first was how funny she was. Sure she seemed like an air-head, but a lovable one. Then as we delved deeper into the show we saw who she really was. She was so sad at some points, it hurt my heart. I really just wanted her to be happy. I hate that the show ended without wrapping up her story.

I would love to cosplay one of these two whenever I get the chance to go to an anime convention.

Note Self: Re-watch Toradora!


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