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Well... First of all, I'm 6'4... Blue eyes... Short dark-brown hair... It may seem like I do nothing but watch anime.... Well that's because I almost quite literally don't...lmao.. The final thing to do for my phasade is to learn how to speak japanese so that I won't have to read those forsaken subtitles... Currently I'm actually going to be taking some time off of school to figure out what on earth I want to do in my life, kind of lost... Yea I know most people say, "Oh you'll be a drop-out forever! Or, "You'll be working a part-time job for the rest of your life in a shabby apartment) Honostly, if taking time off of school gets me there, then that must clearly be what I want to do so I'll go with it. But as of right now I plan at taking a maximum of 2 years off and going into Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. I'll be majoring as a computer analyst, Now, back to anime... Some of my favorite anime are actions or comedies with some sort of love plot in the background. I don't know why, but they almost always seem to have amazing story lines and great animation. Also, I think that if I could be any anime character in any anime... I think I'd like to be Rin-chan from Shuffle! I mean, he's in a constant harem, he leads a VERY interesting life, and he's the nicest and shyest guy you'd ever meet... It would be SO fun!! XD

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wolfangel87 Dec 24, 2007

I hope you have an amazing holiday!!!  ^_^


1010rikku Dec 15, 2007

NOT ONLINE?? I'm online all the time silly!! I'm always lurking nearby :) Hope you had a good b-day!

wolfangel87 Dec 14, 2007

Happy happy birthday from all of us to you, I hope you enjoyed your birthday and we had a party too!  :)

We had a special thread in the forum for your birthday!!!!

Hope you had fun! 

shadeaod Dec 9, 2007

nine months? that's just insane... i didn't even know there were nine months worth of anime on the listings... amazing....

RDarkSchneider Nov 27, 2007

I'm sure you can goto your local Asian/Japanese Super Market and put out a Flyer. And put like 10/hour on it. I would try to get someone that is Japanese if not I'm sure a college student or someone with ample knowledge of Japanese. Try to find someone that has a certificate of San Kyu or higher (first or second). Thats 3rd level Japanese. Anyway, I started off the same way while in College I have been watching anime for like 6-7 years with subtitles and after i started taking japanese i could understand more, but once i studied in Japan for a half year i didnt need subtitles anymore they are useless ^^. But def. try to learn japanese its a great language to study. Try to learn hiragana and katagana before you get into a school or whatever. Well yeah, i mostly collect Anime, I have like 300 dvd binders of dvd's. Some Anime I just watch 1 ep and read a review if i dont like it ill just put it on a dvd. ^^