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Well... First of all, I'm 6'4... Blue eyes... Short dark-brown hair... It may seem like I do nothing but watch anime.... Well that's because I almost quite literally don't...lmao.. The final thing to do for my phasade is to learn how to speak japanese so that I won't have to read those forsaken subtitles... Currently I'm actually going to be taking some time off of school to figure out what on earth I want to do in my life, kind of lost... Yea I know most people say, "Oh you'll be a drop-out forever! Or, "You'll be working a part-time job for the rest of your life in a shabby apartment) Honostly, if taking time off of school gets me there, then that must clearly be what I want to do so I'll go with it. But as of right now I plan at taking a maximum of 2 years off and going into Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. I'll be majoring as a computer analyst, Now, back to anime... Some of my favorite anime are actions or comedies with some sort of love plot in the background. I don't know why, but they almost always seem to have amazing story lines and great animation. Also, I think that if I could be any anime character in any anime... I think I'd like to be Rin-chan from Shuffle! I mean, he's in a constant harem, he leads a VERY interesting life, and he's the nicest and shyest guy you'd ever meet... It would be SO fun!! XD

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sothis Jan 25, 2008

Ok mr. vulcan, I have a new rule ;) those who won the Karas contest and have seen a billion anime need to m ake recommendations :p oh wait, that's you! ^_^ hehe...

But seriously, it's up to us ridiculous anime watchers to do the recs for all the newbies - otherwise they'd have nothing to choose from. Help out the site! Pleaaase! You could start with Getter Robo, as it has no recs :p

RDarkSchneider Jan 23, 2008

Yeah, I watched Pokemon when i was a kid, and i had enough of it and it shouldnt be considered an anime.. other than that... haha 

Lucy Jan 6, 2008

I saw your avatar on someones page and I think you have great tase in anime. Anything you can recommend? I'm kind of looking around and it's hard to find one to match my favorites... I spoiled myself :P

Anyways hope to be freinds!


wolfangel87 Jan 4, 2008

Woo hoo, your own place, that is amazing!!!!  Sounds like fun times ahead!!!

How was your New Years?

wolfangel87 Dec 27, 2007

Wow!  A firdge that is really cool!  I got the whole entire manga series of Vampire Knights, well the three volumes that are in the United States.  It was really nice though!  :)