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Well... First of all, I'm 6'4... Blue eyes... Short dark-brown hair... It may seem like I do nothing but watch anime.... Well that's because I almost quite literally don't...lmao.. The final thing to do for my phasade is to learn how to speak japanese so that I won't have to read those forsaken subtitles... Currently I'm actually going to be taking some time off of school to figure out what on earth I want to do in my life, kind of lost... Yea I know most people say, "Oh you'll be a drop-out forever! Or, "You'll be working a part-time job for the rest of your life in a shabby apartment) Honostly, if taking time off of school gets me there, then that must clearly be what I want to do so I'll go with it. But as of right now I plan at taking a maximum of 2 years off and going into Red River College in Winnipeg, MB. I'll be majoring as a computer analyst, Now, back to anime... Some of my favorite anime are actions or comedies with some sort of love plot in the background. I don't know why, but they almost always seem to have amazing story lines and great animation. Also, I think that if I could be any anime character in any anime... I think I'd like to be Rin-chan from Shuffle! I mean, he's in a constant harem, he leads a VERY interesting life, and he's the nicest and shyest guy you'd ever meet... It would be SO fun!! XD

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wolfangel87 Oct 10, 2007

I really like your profile!  Your top anime are also great!

sothis Oct 10, 2007

Yeah reviews are a little more tricky because I barely let anyone add them (the quality bar is insanely high), but if you ever want to go that route, you could post anime reviews in the forum. We tend to "pick" reviews from there.

Rec-wise, indeed, they can be as short as a sentence (as long as it's a really descriptive sentence :p) or a few short paragraphs. Abunai is a good example of someone who writes REALLY REALLY good ones (way better than I can write). One thing people forget is that it's not just a straight similarity database. Sometimes you just know someone who likes one would like the other, and those recs are ok to do too (as long as you explain it). Stellvia/Scrapped Princess being a prime example for me personally.

Do feel free to write a sample one and send it to me if you want :) I'd LOVE to have you onboard for recs, since you are literally the highest "watched" user on the site (with the exception of one person who has marked everything as watched -_-... right.)

sothis Oct 10, 2007

So hey, any way I can convince you to make recs? As someone who has seen so much, it would be a biiiiiiiig help to all of the users on here. ^_^ I just updated the sign up FAQ to be way easier to understand (or here, in case you have already activated), so it should be a fairly painless process.

Please consider it! I'd be happy forever :D

ZenithAstrali Oct 8, 2007

Welcome to the site & congratz! I think you're the biggest otaku of them all. 9 months, that's quite an achievement. I only hope to have the time and patience to see so many.

Well... be sure to make recommendations on those you've seen, i choose my series based on the recs  =^.^=

Harbin Oct 8, 2007

After seeing your bio, i thought to myself, you must like Harem series as much as i do. In response, yes, don't we all want to be Rin.  But after this series, i rethought to myself, "Goshuushou-Sama Ninomiya-Kun."  Its pure awesomeness in harem, but with a very funny plot.  I'm not saying its good, but being him is sooo much better.  Lol, enjoy the site!