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What?! No manga ratings?

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VivisQueen May 4, 2009

Hell yeah! Took me a while, but I finally decided it should be in my Top 5 as well. It just is that stupendous. I wish I'd thought to write a review for it, but I could never put its greatness into words. I'm also pimping its best characters in my sig. ^_^

VivisQueen Oct 14, 2008

Thank you again! Yeah, I really enjoyed Natsume Yuujinchou. Unlike Mushishi, I got into it immediately. Mushishi took me a while to get into and often I felt that it was too long at 24 episodes. And even though Haibane Renmei is so lauded, I never quite got its appeal (the ending is superb, narrative excellence indeed, but the build-up is so long and often just came across as pointless to me). NY was at least short and sweet and totally charming - a brilliant package, if not necessary as ingenious as the other two. Glad you enjoyed the review. :)

VivisQueen Oct 14, 2008

Thanks vonpost! I think it's just cause its so popular, everyone wants a say. Also, your Top 10 is a very nice list, have I ever told you that? Glad Kemonozume made it in there. What refined taste you have for a fifteen-year old, I must say. And er, that's not meant to be as patronising as it sounds. Just that it's surprising. :)

Rukishou Jun 22, 2008

Jadu, man tackar. ^^

Rukishou Jun 22, 2008

La till dig som friend eller favorite user eller whatever, och du får gärna lägga till mig med. :3