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Nov 4, 2013

Im sure if you have ever grown up as a music lover you must of had that dream of one day forming a band with your best friends and having fun and performing together. K-On! is said dream in anime form.

we are introduce to Yui Hirasawa. An air-headed and excited girl who is about to start her first  year at Sakuragoaka girls high school. weeks go by and Yui decides she wants to join a club. at the same time club members of the light music club; Mio,Ritsu and, Tsumugi are deseperately trying to find a fourth memeber or else the club will be disbanded. Yui decides she would like to join the light music club even though her only prior musical experience consist of her playing the castanets. Despite this, the girls eagerly take Yui in. Claiming that they will teach her how to play guitar. This is the start of an adventure for these four. while they start to become close friends and set a dream to be a successful band.

i thoroughly enjoyed this series. In my opion its just a fun series to get into. the characters are great. we have: Yui- the funny air headed guitarist/vocalsit. Mio- the smart, shy, and easily scared bassist/vocalist. Ritsu- the  fun upbeat and sarcastic drummer. Tsumugi the cheerful and gentle keyboradist. and finally Azusa the modest and cute and talented guitarist of the group. along with the characters the music is another really fun aspect of this series. if i had one thing to complain about. it eould have to be the story, which is enjoyable but i felt that it was a little lacking at some points.

overall this was a fun anime series for me. if you are a fan of music or slice of life animes i guarantee that you will enjoy K-On!

7.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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