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Hello, welcome to my profile! The picture is of me settling a bet over whether a completely untrained and out-of-shape dude could roundhouse kick a cup that was higher than his head. Don't I look awesome?

I'm a recently graduated physics/math major who writes anime reviews for some reason. As I finished up my physics major, I realized that I just wasn't interested in pursuing the field as a career, so instead I kicked some ass at my GRE's and got an assistantship to study at the department of statistics at Colorado State University. Why statistics? Well, WHY NOT?

Besides anime, my main interests are writing, strategic gaming (poker, magic: the gathering, go, chess, etc), and internet piracy.

As far as my reviews/star ratings go: In general, a 6 (***) is watchable, a 7 (***1/2) is good and an 8 (****) is a must-see.

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VivisQueen Jan 16, 2011

Most things from the past year passed me by since I was in Ghana, and it doesn't seem like I missed much either. Bakemonogatari never interested me. I am watching Katanagatari and, although I like the premise a lot, I am massively disappointed that a show about SWORDS has such crap action. And the dialogue is indeed overwhelming. That first fight, I kept watching and waiting for them to stop talking and beat each other up already... and waiting... and waiting... and then I practically wept when they finally did and it was rubbish. But I have only seen the first episode and everything will now depend on whether I get attached to the characters or the plot actually goes somewhere. The art style is very nice, though. I just wish that unique style came with some stunning action. Is it REALLY just me who thinks if you have swords in a show you are obliged to provide gorgeous action? If this had been made in the 90s, the creators wouldn't have dared break this rule. But meh. We'll see how it goes.

As for Wandering Son, I hear the manga does not disappoint at all. So if they stick to that, it should be good. What's anime's record with sticking to mangas, again...?

VivisQueen Jan 16, 2011

Urgh. I apologise for this second post. But 1) I see you already added Glass Mask user review. 2) You still have access to the site reviewers subforum. You're free to take a look at the Cross Game review therein if you want my more detailed thoughts. Oh, and I watched it as part of a buddy group, so you can always check its thread for more comments.

VivisQueen Jan 16, 2011

Well hi vivafruit! Nice to see you're still watching stuff and maybe even scribbling stuff. I'm thinking USER REVIEW.

And I agree, Cross Game is the best sports anime evar... for thirty episodes. And then that thing with Akane made me spit ire and I just spent the last twenty episodes nervously awaiting another clumsy, fucked up twist e.g. her dying or Kou getting with her instead of Aoba or Azuma getting with Aoba or something like that. Every episode was nerve-racking for all the wrong reasons. And the baseball became perfunctory. I mean, I accept that Cross Game's baseball was never as vital as the romantic drama, but Jesus, it became so 'okay yeah here's a game and they won, and here's another game and they won, and here's another because we only have four episodes left to the end and I kinda forgot to develop this part'. And THAT might be forgivable if there had been any development of the drama in the meantime, but there sort of wasn't. They milled about, repeating the same lines 'She's not Wakaba. She's not Wakaba. She's not Wakaba.' Or some such. I liked the ending, though. Very sweet but could have been done twenty episodes earlier with the first Koushien game.

And I rant only out of tough love. Because I do love this show. I really, really, really love this show. For thirty eps it was sitting effortlessly on 8.5. It made me buy the three volumes of Short Program only for it to arrive in French because the bloody English speaking nations of this world haven't got all three, and then have to send it back to amazon. I'm checking out Touch at the same time. One day, I'm sure I'll get to H2.

I apologise for this immense comment but it really is your fault for opening the flood gates. Review is in feedback process. It'll be up in a few days.

PS. If you're interested in anything current season, I highly recommend Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko). The first episode compelled me to 4.5/5 it, which will probably just turn out to be a senseless act, but right now it's giving me wonderful Koi Kaze 'taboo+delicate drama' vibe and the animation is roughly ten times better than in Koi Kaze.

Anyway, I'm off to be more lazy this fine Sunday morning. Hope all is well. :)

valchan Jan 12, 2011

Greetings, Vivafruit!

It is said that you are the person to come to with questions about writing reviews. I may do so in the future, but what I'm really interested in is writing synopsis for the many I have seen blank. Where is the option to do this? Do you have to be a moderator to acess this feature? I searched the forums, but found nothing on the topic.

Many thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. On a side note: you get major cool points for listing Lain as one of the top anime to see. Most excellent.

FalseDawn Dec 31, 2010

Hey Vivafruit, long time no see.

Just watched Mind Game and I have to admit, that end sequence where they're rowing is possibly the best action sequence I've seen anywhere in the anime world. I can see why you rated it a 10.