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Hello, welcome to my profile! The picture is of me settling a bet over whether a completely untrained and out-of-shape dude could roundhouse kick a cup that was higher than his head. Don't I look awesome?

I'm a recently graduated physics/math major who writes anime reviews for some reason. As I finished up my physics major, I realized that I just wasn't interested in pursuing the field as a career, so instead I kicked some ass at my GRE's and got an assistantship to study at the department of statistics at Colorado State University. Why statistics? Well, WHY NOT?

Besides anime, my main interests are writing, strategic gaming (poker, magic: the gathering, go, chess, etc), and internet piracy.

As far as my reviews/star ratings go: In general, a 6 (***) is watchable, a 7 (***1/2) is good and an 8 (****) is a must-see.

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VivisQueen says...

I enjoyed it all and have no big criticisms. I understand that some people will probably be put off by the dialogue or interpret just another formulaic ninja show, but for me these turned into PLUS points. And indeed, after the first episode, the fights got marginally more interesting to watch, and then from epsidoe four I knew they'd just been holding out like the dirty teases they are. This show ended up building something unique from the ground up. It's all in the refusal to adhere to our expectations. My specific view on the ending is here in spoiler tags:

I'm trying to convince ThePatches that I will be giving it a 3/10, so currently not revealing where it stands. I like watching him have a heart attack. Anyway, I shall be checking out Bakemonogatari after all. Not sure when exactly, but I'll get round to it.

Jan 25, 2011
VivisQueen says...

So just finished watching Katanagatari. I started writing my site review but can't seem to get beyond 'Awesomest thing ever?' Think I'll get away with just repeating that to make 1000 words?

Jan 24, 2011
VivisQueen says...

Up to episode 7. I am 100% satisfied with this show. I haven't watched something to all-round awesome in ages. I am tempted to add Nanami to my favourite characters. Hmmm...

Jan 22, 2011
VivisQueen says...

Jury is out. Katanagatari is the awesomest thing I've seen in maybe about two years. Just finished episode 3 and the preview for episode 4 had me wetting myself with excitement.

Jan 18, 2011
VivisQueen says...

Most things from the past year passed me by since I was in Ghana, and it doesn't seem like I missed much either. Bakemonogatari never interested me. I am watching Katanagatari and, although I like the premise a lot, I am massively disappointed that a show about SWORDS has such crap action. And the dialogue is indeed overwhelming. That first fight, I kept watching and waiting for them to stop talking and beat each other up already... and waiting... and waiting... and then I practically wept when they finally did and it was rubbish. But I have only seen the first episode and everything will now depend on whether I get attached to the characters or the plot actually goes somewhere. The art style is very nice, though. I just wish that unique style came with some stunning action. Is it REALLY just me who thinks if you have swords in a show you are obliged to provide gorgeous action? If this had been made in the 90s, the creators wouldn't have dared break this rule. But meh. We'll see how it goes.

As for Wandering Son, I hear the manga does not disappoint at all. So if they stick to that, it should be good. What's anime's record with sticking to mangas, again...?

Jan 16, 2011