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Hello, welcome to my profile! The picture is of me settling a bet over whether a completely untrained and out-of-shape dude could roundhouse kick a cup that was higher than his head. Don't I look awesome?

I'm a recently graduated physics/math major who writes anime reviews for some reason. As I finished up my physics major, I realized that I just wasn't interested in pursuing the field as a career, so instead I kicked some ass at my GRE's and got an assistantship to study at the department of statistics at Colorado State University. Why statistics? Well, WHY NOT?

Besides anime, my main interests are writing, strategic gaming (poker, magic: the gathering, go, chess, etc), and internet piracy.

As far as my reviews/star ratings go: In general, a 6 (***) is watchable, a 7 (***1/2) is good and an 8 (****) is a must-see.

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Dace67 Apr 10, 2011

I wasn't honestly expecting a response to my (mostly venting) comment so your response was a bit of a surprise. I'm glad you actually read and give feedback so I won't let it go to waste and give you a response:

Plagiarism: I wasn't talking about the overall plot but just the character comparison itself. The thing is, I've heard Haruhi and Yurripe compared to each other so much but don't see it beyond a superficial level. They are both short-haired leaders of an unrecognized school organization with a similar hair band decoration. They both have abrasive personalities but how they are abrasive, how they carry themselves, their motivation, their actions, and how they deal with other people are so different that I can't see it as Haruhi (the character) in a different plot.

As for the rest being plagiarized, I couldn't say since I haven't seen anything quite like it. Even so, I don't really care if it is a ripoff as long as it is enjoyable but that could just be me.

Pretentiousness: Honestly, it was just the last paragraph that was the real problem. If it was worded a bit differently, like "this has been done in various other shows but better," I think it would come off less like 'only noobs like this' and more 'people who have seen these other shows have already seen it done better.'

Ending: Well, more episodes would've given the chance for better pacing and reveal piece by piece instead of loooong talk. There could've been more hints dropped for the very end instead of coming out of left field like it did.

To be fair, I can see quite a few of your points and, while I disagree with your overall review, I think it is a mostly fair assessment and realize that it is just an opinion. It was really just the two top points irked me.

Minai99 Apr 10, 2011

Vivafruit, thank you for the interesting response. I've been busy lately, so it might take me a bit to properly respond, but expect it in the next few days.

HiroRyusaki Apr 10, 2011

:O STOP WATCHING Anime? Those Traitors!!! They just mad because art style changed <.< Where you get those stats anyways? Hm. Maybe you are right, but I hope to watch anime throughout my life at least for a long ass time anyways as I merely see it as TV, now, obv there will types of series I won't watch anymore though, and I do see why people would get sick of it, but I hope to be pretty diehard if I can help it. Going to join Anime-O-Tekku when I start college next year, I will probably be going to GT, but who knows, it is technically possible I could change my mind.

Minai99 Apr 9, 2011

Hi there, vivafruit! I was wondering, where did you go to school? It sounds like you're a pretty awesome dude (I am currently a junior studying mathematical sciences, although that might change soon), so I'd love to talk with you for a bit, when you have the time.

LilMayar Apr 3, 2011

Ahh I absolutely love your reviews! You have such great reviews on all the psychological series on this site xD