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Hello, welcome to my profile! The picture is of me settling a bet over whether a completely untrained and out-of-shape dude could roundhouse kick a cup that was higher than his head. Don't I look awesome?

I'm a recently graduated physics/math major who writes anime reviews for some reason. As I finished up my physics major, I realized that I just wasn't interested in pursuing the field as a career, so instead I kicked some ass at my GRE's and got an assistantship to study at the department of statistics at Colorado State University. Why statistics? Well, WHY NOT?

Besides anime, my main interests are writing, strategic gaming (poker, magic: the gathering, go, chess, etc), and internet piracy.

As far as my reviews/star ratings go: In general, a 6 (***) is watchable, a 7 (***1/2) is good and an 8 (****) is a must-see.

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LindLTailor says...

Funny story regarding your Angel Beats review. The official adverts for it here in the UK have quoted it.

They quoted: "Everything is flawless, from the appealing character designs to the masterfully frenetic action scenes."

Totally out of context. Making it look like you said this anime was flawless.

The cheating bastards.

Jun 13, 2012
sothis says...

Hello, just pinging any of the site reviewers who haven't responded yet in the new thread in the mod section - it's an important question/discussion about if the section will proceed as it currently is, so I'm asking for each reviewer to respond there with their thoughts :) thanks!

Feb 29, 2012
sansaii says...


I just wanted to say that I was reading some of your reviews, and really appreciate the input on some more obscure titles that I was deliberating on watching.

Nov 9, 2011
FalseDawn says...

They do almost exactly the opposite - instead of cutting the deadweight, they add in extra fluff. It's almost as if they don't want to make a decent series!

Anime should work according to the laws of communism. That's the only viable answer (I haven't worked out the logistics of that, I admit).

Nov 7, 2011
Pieguy535 says...

Have you seen a panda driving an ice cream truck while speaking french?

Sep 15, 2011