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Hello, welcome to my profile! The picture is of me settling a bet over whether a completely untrained and out-of-shape dude could roundhouse kick a cup that was higher than his head. Don't I look awesome?

I'm a recently graduated physics/math major who writes anime reviews for some reason. As I finished up my physics major, I realized that I just wasn't interested in pursuing the field as a career, so instead I kicked some ass at my GRE's and got an assistantship to study at the department of statistics at Colorado State University. Why statistics? Well, WHY NOT?

Besides anime, my main interests are writing, strategic gaming (poker, magic: the gathering, go, chess, etc), and internet piracy.

As far as my reviews/star ratings go: In general, a 6 (***) is watchable, a 7 (***1/2) is good and an 8 (****) is a must-see.

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nuclearCritic says...

fine, but under one condition. fix my sekirei review-like add more lines, do some adjusting- and i'll let you have half credit for the review. so it'll be from you and me...yes? theres no review for that anime. what do you think? call dibbs for it..its a really good series.

Sep 15, 2009
nuclearCritic says...

i agree with geowrian.

thats what you get. mr. i like to give bad news...

Sep 15, 2009
geowrian says...

Re: Re: Your review comments

I appreciate your response to my comment on the review you left.

I understand that you were not giving a review based on the public concensus, only on your personal opinion. However, I would note that my comment was to point out the difference in such, not to push down your review. I agree with you on many points, but I wanted to note to readers of your review that your review, IMHO, did not match the general concensus in overall enjoyment of the series.

I completely agree with you on the popularity versus quality issue. That said, the anticipation of an upcoming movie (and I beleive a second movie is in the works) *generally* means it not only was popular, but it was of enough quality to keep it enjoyable to more than just the diehard fans. Of coarse, there are exceptions...Transformers, Star Wars Episode x, etc., but generally that's the case.

Aug 23, 2009
MaatiSan says...

Thank you wise Vivafruit-san, your knowledge is mind boggling.

Aug 14, 2009
MaatiSan says...

I tried doing an application for the review team, but for some reason it just kept asking me to log in.  After entering my username and password it kept telling me it was incorrect, did I do something wrong or are you guys just not taking any reviewer applications at this time?

Aug 14, 2009