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Oct 15, 2009


People seem to be having trouble differentiating anime that’s actually intelligent from anime that merely pretends to be, and Interlude is a fine example of this phenomenon. The show is a rather sorry piece of work that attempts to be “deep” merely by being confusing, and yet many seem to believe that there is merit here. Trust me: there isn't.


Overall, I was disappointed by the animation. Character designs are decidedly unoriginal and unappealing, and the show uses a lot of repeated footage (there are several recap segments that actually recap what has happened in THAT VERY EPISODE, something I can’t stand at all). Action scenes are somewhat tepid; most of them consist of either awkward motion or no motion at all. Props should be given for some excellent imagery in the alternate worlds (in particular there is an outstanding cherry blossom cgi effect that is used twice), but for an O.V.A the animation is definitely underwhelming.


Music is passable and works decently with the show, but the voice acting is definitely weak. Of particular note is the ear-piercing abomination of sound that is Tama’s seiyuu.


The show has many flaws, but probably the most damaging ones lie within its storyline. For one, the plot is horribly hackneyed; every idea that this anime manages to regurgitate has already been done better somewhere else. The whole “subjective reality” theme that this anime belatedly tries to embellish on feels rather half-witted in comparison to what was done with the concept in animes like Serial Experiments Lain or Perfect Blue, and traveling from a normal, school kids world to a fantastic one has been done in so many different animes that it would be a chore to list them all.

As if the creators knew ahead of time that their high-fallutin’ plot concepts were too dumbed down to be intellectually stimulating, an annoyingly large amount of lame fanservice (“It’s not my fault I have big breasts!”) and trite schoolkids humor is unnecessarily injected into the series to make the show even stupider. In the end, these elements absolutely ruin the dark surrealistic mood that the show is shooting for.


Characters are woefully underdeveloped with no exceptions. The main character in particular is so tiresomely generic that he seems perfectly suited to act as the protagonist to a hentai. Also of note are the three government worker girls who appear midway through the show. These individuals have absolutely NO purpose other than to provide a portion of the aforementioned fanservice.


To sum things up, this three episode O.V.A carries the dubious honor of being the dumbest “intellectual” anime that I’ve ever seen. Interlude is boring, cheesy, unnecessarily fanserviced and clichéd. I came in with relatively high expectations, but in the end I was disappointed in just about every respect.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
4/10 overall

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