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Legend of the Galactic Heroes is one of the most highly rated shows by people who have seen it. As a result I had high expectations when I started the show, but ultimately dropped it about 70 episodes in. There are just too many problems with the narrative.

Take, for example, the lame action. I'm sorry, but the space battles are just not interesting. There are countless logical inconsistencies (we've been cornered... IN SPACE), it's poorly animated, and the scenes tend to drag on for eons. I appreciate the effort to take WW1 tactics and implement them into space-combat, but it just doesn't do much for me when there are so many other glaring faults. Don't even get me started on the axe combat, which is some of the most aggravating bullshit I've ever voluntarily sat through.

There are similar problems with the rest of the overarching plot. This narrative needs to be extremely intelligent to work, and while it has its moments (I particularly enjoy the fact that much of the series can be viewed as allegorical to famous political events in world history), there are also parts that are either ridiculous or flat-out illogical. A particular problem is that the opponents that Yang and Lohengram "outwit" tend to have the mental capacity of a 5-year-old. I found it immensely frustrating to watch nearly every opponent repeatedly commit absolutely asinine acts that no experienced commander would ever even consider. Moreover, the "brilliant tactics" that Yang and Lohengram use tend to be basic stuff like "pretend to run away" or "hire competent advisers."

I may finish this series someday (although I hear that it gets even weaker near the end, which is hardly encouraging), but the fact remains that this is very much a niche title for those that can enjoy a pompous, intellectual story that isn't actually that intelligent. Like Rose of Versailles, another ancient but highly liked series with some serious narrative issues, LOGH feels like epic for epic's sake.

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5618NINgen Oct 29, 2015

That last paragraph sums it up perfectly. Romanticized warfare, nothing more till its end.

SadisticTendencies Dec 19, 2012

To be perfectly fair, I've only seen 31 episodes so far but I fail to see how some logical inconsistencies can ruin a show of 110 episodes. Sure, the axefights don't make no sense whatsoever but in the larger picture, surely that's more or less irrelevant nitpicking?

When it comes to the spacebattles and "brilliant tactics", however, I see what you mean since they're a pretty large portion of the story. I may come to reach the same opinion as this review once I finish the show but I can't really see how logical inconsistencies add up to "too many problems with the narrative".

Iro Jan 17, 2012

"This series requires the reader to have a baseline understanding of tactics, human psychology, and politics."

I think its rather the opposite, if you have any understanding of those things, you would imediately grasp how stupid and illogical the writers on this show made it play out. This show is like what would happen if the creators of CSI decided to make an anime and lacked any sort of talent for presentation or style in addition to the lack of logic as they do now.

Ymarsakar Sep 21, 2011

This series requires the reader to have a baseline understanding of tactics, human psychology, and politics.


It's not for the average civilian that has no idea what happened even in their own country's history.

Lithiumpowered Feb 23, 2010

while i really enjoyed this show i can see why you (and others) dont like it, it really is a niche show that political science junkies will probably like if they can get over the inconsistencies that you mentioned. Long story short: it'll either click with you or turn you off completely within the first few episodes.