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One Outs

11 OCT

A fun sports anime in the play-to-win vein of Akagi and Kaiji - these guys want to win so much it hurts. Hagiwara Masato, the seiyuu who voiced both Kaiji and Akagi, turns in yet another great performance as One Out's protagonist Kokuchi, which also solidifies the link between the other two series. However, while One Outs is incredibly clever at times, the experience feels shallow compared to what was done in the series One Outs seems to be imitating. Kaiji and Akagi both had darker undertones that don't have nearly as much bite in One Outs. Also, the series becomes very formulaic near the end, almost to the point of ridiculousness. There's only so many improbable situations that Tokuchi can wriggle out of before the process stops being exciting and just gets tiring.

But I'm complaining too much. Taken as cheap, disposable entertainment, One Outs still manages to be clever and thrilling enough to be worth the watch, provided you have seen and liked the superior series Akagi and Kaiji.

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