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Zero no Tsukaima


Zero no Tsukaima.  A riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  Two cookies to anyone who knows who actually said that!

Anyhow, that's kind of not at all what I think about this anime though in some way it sort of relates to my overall thoughts on this show.

Positives: Once you get past the fluff there's actually a story, and while it's not overly deep it's actually pretty fun.  Several times while watching I found myself wishing that this had been done not as a show for young folk, but perhaps as something a bit more mature.  Inmy mind the concept is really interesting and worth tinkering around with.

As per many a show like it you're going to find that the show is more or less about the relationship between the two main characters and in this case I think it works.  Again I'd have been a whole lot happier with something targetted at a slightly older audience, but since I'm not expecting much I'm so far enjoying what's being presented.

My wife commented that it's almost as if we're watching two different shows, the Harry Potter ripoff made for children that we started with, and now the show we actually kind of enjoyed.  It's a weird one I tell you, and I can't quite decide how to place it.

Negatives: Oh man, I barely got through the first episode. I've only actually dropped two shows within the first five minutes.  The first was One Piece, and the second was some show I can't ever remember the name of which is quite popular but I felt like I had to be a 5 year old girl to watch.

Fortunately I got past the beginning and things have improved.  I'm a bit scared that following this first season that I'm going to find myself bumping up against a fighting show where we see the same golem beaten over and over.  If that ends up being the case I'll probably be a wee bit disappointed, but in the end I doubt I lose any sleep over it.

I suppose that is what most clearly defines my thoughts on Zero no Tsukaima.  It's an easy watch that you could either take or leave and I doubt in the end it would have mattered either way.

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KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Aug 19, 2010

I am so glad I found someone else who didn't turn into an instant fanboi on watching the first episode! I'm only two in, but I know exactly what you mean about Harry Potter ecchi!

(plus, the dubbing is TERRIBLE)


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