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Kimi ni Todoke

Jun 5, 2010

Have you ever craved fast food? Well, there's an anime-related analogue; sometimes, all I want to see is some cheesy shoujo. I don't always want a hip crossover title like Nana, or a "normal" male-oriented romcom ala Toradora. No no no, sometimes, all I want are episodes where the characters do nothing but talk about their feelings. Sometimes, all I want are too-perfect boys that sparkle when they smile. Sometimes, all I want is a story about a girl that overcomes hardship with the power of FRIENDSHIP. Sometimes, all I want is a goddamn shoujo.

Kimi ni Todoke will scratch that itch, if you let it. But can I whole-heartedly recommend this to everyone? God, no! This anime unapologetically caters to its target audience (15 year old Japanese girls... AND ME), to the point that it will most likely alienate anyone not accustomed to shoujo. If the prospect of seeing an anime with a title like Princess Tutu makes you gag, you are probably not ready for this show, either. Perhaps, just perhaps, you'll someday get bored of watching giant metal robots crashing into each other. You'll dabble in some of the some more accessible stuff in the genre, like Nana or Ouran Host Club. Maybe then, you will be ready, young padawan. Until then, get off my lawn, and go back to watching Goku power up.

For everyone left, the series is an uneven but ultimately worthwhile entry into the genre. The first half focuses on the loveable Sawako overcoming her social awkwardness to connect with the other students in her class. This part is wonderfully done, and is an excellent example of the genre done right. Unfortunately, the second part focuses primarily on a side character who is not strong enough to carry the show by herself. As such, her story feels like a filler subplot and bogs down the narrative. What's left is a show that's a great watch for fans of the genre, but not quite praise-worthy enough to be a must-see.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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PinkFlowers82 Apr 26, 2011

Funniest review I have read so far. . . Great Job! I loved this show it was like cotton candy, fluffy and sweet without too much density.

kenikki Apr 25, 2011

Hilarious review :D

It made for a great read.

CapsLockSam Apr 19, 2011

Your review is such a marvelously accurate depiction of my feelings toward this anime. While the anime gets a 7.5 from you, your review gets a 10 from me :)

VivisQueen Jan 15, 2011

Thanks for this. I will put it on my wtw list for when that itch returns.

WittyKatts Aug 15, 2010

Haha, I completely agree with you. I'm the biggest shoujo fan, and I must say, I was always itching for the next episode to be released. VERY good anime for shoujo lovers. ^^