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  • As if we needed more proof that Americans R illiterate

As if we needed more proof that Americans R illiterate

14 AUG

From Alexa:

Visitors to A-P from U.S: 44.4%

Visitors to A-P from U.K:  4.2%

On our reviewer team:

Reviewers from U.S: 55% (6 total: Sothis, vivafruit, Sheex, mariprosa, babyeinstein12, ThePatches)

Reviewers from U.K: 45% (5 total: therik, KiraRin, VivisQueen, FalseDawn, cassiesheepgirl)

Yes that's right: the 4.2% of the visitors to A-P that are British are comprising almost half of its reviewers. The lesson? Americans suck at writing. Then again, everyone probably already knew that. >_>

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Proxy11 avatar Proxy11
Jul 6, 2011

Maybe we just realize when so many other people have already written a review what good would writing another one really do. I feel all reviews do is lead you into the show with false expectations or you look for what the reviewer pointed out to be negative. Not having the skill to write as good as someone else does not affect your intelligence or attention to detail. It does not affect your ability to express a thought provoking opinion. It's simply a "we're better than you" immature mentality.


Also I'm not sure how this "blog post" can be taken seriously as short as it is. All you did was state some statistics which can not be fully relied on considering all the other factors that play a role. However I expect that after reading your "About Me" section. For the most part the scores I've seen from you seem like you actually have a structure to your system that is similar to mine, but expressing your opinions and outlook on subjects proves beyond that their is no similarities in our systems at all.


What does that s**t mean? A system based on statistics alone is a broken system. I side tracked and ranted a little but I tried to keep the focus on Statistics as much as I could, I mean hell I'm just a American after all give me a break.

NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios
Apr 20, 2011

You forgot about me :P

Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Oct 19, 2009

Oh, I forgot to mention that using Quantcast would be better because as far as I know Sothis is still paying (or it could be one time only payment for all I know) for some site stat stuff. Look here.

Of course, this only includes people that aren't disabling javascript from it with noscript, but then again Alexa's is only from people using their toolbar iirc.

Zakiel avatar Zakiel
Oct 19, 2009

There have been reviews posted by 23 people on this site. You only have 11 listed. (Scroll down to the bottom)

Of course if you just meant active reviewers, then you are quite accurate.

VivisQueen avatar VivisQueen
Oct 15, 2009

Ah, I enjoyed this thoroughly erudite and might I say illuminating assessment. I feel the world is now a more enlightened place for your entry (and coming from a statistics guy, surely it's even more profound). Glad that there are still nuggets of unadulterated truth to be found on AP. :)

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