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Maison Ikkoku

Aug 11, 2011

Maison Ikkoku is an old fashion anime. From its take on relationships to how the characters relate and respond to romance you would probably expect this anime to have been done in the 60s. Now mind you if you love old anime Maison Ikkoku is pretty ok but if your spreading your wings into older content then this shouldn't be your first stop. This anime is very slow and whimsical when it comes to plot progression.

Story-wise the plot is simple, a repeating student (ronin) meets his new landlord, a beautiful young widow and falls in love. The plot then hinges on the fact that the widow doesn't wish to relinquish her emotions for her deceased husband even if the attraction is mutual. This leads to episodic content similar to watching grass grow just not as painful. Now this wouldn't have been as bad if the anime wasn't ulta-traditional which means that there isn't any fooling around, kissing or hooking up until pretty much the end. also for those accustom to more modern traditions the ideas in this anime will see pretty dated especially when the widow is pressured to remarry.

Animation and sound is pretty much standard for that time with the 80s sound track and style of drawing. the clothing and atmosphere will draw you into that time and this may or may not be a bad thing if you love nostalgia.

Characters...where do i start. I'd gladly kill Godai's neighbors any day of the week and then sit in death-row contently waiting for my death. this is how much i loathe them. i have never seen such annoying characters. if the creator's intention is to make you want to stab them with a rusty screwdriver then he has succeed beyond his imagination. yet i somehow  believe that they are only meant to be mildly annoying and sometimes likeable which for the aforementioned reasons is quite impossible. This leaves me with Godai the main protagonist who is the cliched indecisive male lead and Kyoko the beautiful manager. Godai is a mixture of anime male protagonists on one half we have the under-dog love interest type who trying to win the girl of his dreams while put his life in order and then we have indecisive male who can't make up his mind when it comes to girls. This wouldn't be a problem but he if the girl he was in love with wasn't Kyoko. So whats is suppose to be indecisiveness looks more like him more using the other women till he gets Kyoko and that makes him a bastard. Now while Kyoko is a bit too old fashion for my taste she i probably the best thing about this anime. Her character is well fleshed out and her personality is easily understood. This makes the jeering and manipulations of the other tenants slightly funny as you easily believe her naivety. Her reluctance to give up ties to her dead spouse is meant to downplay Godai's indecisiveness as well as her interactions with Godai's competition Mitaka. There is some attempt to give some personality to the other tenants who mostly party and annoy Godai but at the point the attempt is made you've probably already planned your alibi.

Overall its 96 episodes of emotions, mostly from you and if survive them without committing a homicide you'll be rewarded for your journey. Definitely worth it if it is only to see Kyoko and a decent love story.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
6/10 overall
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