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Zero Count

Apr 21, 2013

Story: 9/10

This story is about the heroine name Tokieda Nao, due to her father company difficulty, so in order to save it, he agree with his friend that Nao and Nao father friend's son to get marry.  This got Nao angry of this agreement, so she transfer to her fiance school, Kaei Academy, in order to break off the engagement.  She don't know much about him, she only got 5 hints: 1) One of his initials is "M", 2) He has a mole somewhere near his hip, 3) He has a flower shaped birthmark, 4) She met him when she was a child, and 5) He afraid of high places.  Turn out it four different boys, and she fell in love with one of them.  Which one of the boys capture her heart.  You have to read to find out.

Art: 9/10

This a shoujo manga that came out in 2003, for the art in that time is well drawn to compare to the other art that came out in 2003.

Characters: 8/10

So character I find in there a pretty decent, I do love so of them and I do hate some of them.  But it a different kind of hate, it the kind of hate you hate for a moment them forget about it

Overall: 8.5/10

Zero count is a good manga to read, it only 12 chapter and it is up to 39 pages max.  I was pleased with it, but not to pleased because I wanted more.  If you have the time to read it, read away, it only take you day or so to read it.

9/10 story
9/10 art
8/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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