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Nisekoi (Pilot)

21 APR

Story 10/10

The story is about Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge, and they are childhood friend.  There families are gangster: Shuuei(Raku) and the Beehive(Chitoge) are at war with each other.  So there the leaders or there fathers would like both Raku and Chitoge to become lovers because there underlings won't listen to them.  If they do not become lovers the city will become a sea of fire and there will be many casualties.  But, Raku and Chitoge do not get along with each other at all.  The story for Nisekoi is very unique, I never seen it before.  I love the story in the one-shot better than the series itself, because the one-shot don't introduced us the annoying character.  Sometimes, I love the aspect of childhood friend fallen in love with each other, sometime, I don't, but this is done right...as least the one-shot did anyways.

Art 10/10

The art by Komi Naoshi is perfect compare to romance/comedy we have today.  One part near the end is done perfectly by him.

Characters 10/10

I really love Ichijou Raku and Kirisaki Chitoge character better than the series counterparts.  Both character are funny and loveable.  Unlike the series, the one-shot don't introduced a harem, and that a plus in my book.  Things I hate the most in the series is harem, and harem in general.  But enough with the series talk, and let get down to the character, the chemistry between them two is perfect in my opinion.  They are completely opposite of each other, but they fit perfectly like a puzzle.

Overall 10/10

All in all, Nisekoi one-shot is a GOD compare to the series, it is only around 50-ish pages, a good read I may say.  The one-shot didn't introduced a harem, and that a huge A+ in my book, plus it didn't introduced character that I hate with a passion.  Nisekoi one-shot is one of my favorite one-shot out there, and I recommanded to anyone to read it.

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  • Story 10/10
  • Art 10/10
  • Characters 10/10
  • Overall 10/10

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