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My name is Mirella :))! 

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KyokiXJapanFreak Apr 24, 2011

Thank you  ! I could watch my avatar all day, haha! :P

KyokiXJapanFreak Jan 24, 2011

It would be amazing! XD

Yeah, it's a rabbit or 'bunny', which is basically the same as a rabbit hahaa XD Too sweet? Hahaa XD Who's your favourite character from Ouran High School Host Club??

Oh ok! Thanks for the tip on Naruto =)

Chelsae Jan 22, 2011

Haha ^_^ I think Bleach and Naruto are both great! And I can't wait until the next chapter comes out either!!! It's horrible waiting a week for the next one!! I WANT HIM TO GET HIS POWERS BACK! And I want to read the Naruto manga... but I prefer reading manga when its in a book not on the computer... with Bleach I have 21 volumes of it, but I got them for Christmas, and I don't really want to buy 50+ volumes of Naruto....

And I haven't watched that much anime...but I'll try and recommend some!

Hm... You like horror... so have you seen Shiki? That's my favourite horror... but I haven't watched that many horror anime. I'm not that keen on gore.

Other anime I would recommend out of my favourites are Hetalia: Axis Powers which is just amazing... and Loveless which is a shounen-ai.. I love it!

Also if you liked Ouran High School Host club, which I can see from your favourite list, you should try the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

D.Gray-Man is quite similar to Bleach as well, so you should check that out too!

To answer your question I've been watching anime for 6-7 months :)

Chelsae Jan 21, 2011

NOOO!!! I used to be obssessed with Bleach, literally, all of my friends think it's God or something, and I'm on one episode a week, but I still think Naruto is better! I've been watching Bleach longer, and I've read all of the bleach manga out so far, but I think overall Naruto has the better more original storyline.

Other than that.. I'm not really sure why I prefer Naruto... but yeah :)

I'm not saying that Bleach is bad, on the contrary, I absolutely love it, it's one of my favourites, but Naruto, in my opinion is better than Bleach.

And I can't wait until it gets back to the original storyline! I'm so sick of these fillers in Bleach! -_-

KyokiXJapanFreak Jan 21, 2011

Awh, thanks for saying so =) I love all things Japanese! XD

Wow. 3-4 years ago =O That's awesome! Hahaa ~I wish we could just watch anime instead of going to school XD

YES! I LOOOVE Ouran High School Host Club! It' so funny and keep you entertained. The characters are brilliant too, each having their own personality.. I like Honey the best XD (as you may of read with my other conversation) XD The twins are awesome too! =)

Well, everyone has a different opinion XD I haven't watched Naruto, but it is pretty popular!! XD Yeah! Bleach is also good ! =)