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  • I watched a full day's worth of anime in 2 weeks

I watched a full day's worth of anime in 2 weeks

21 MAY

Title says it all. I have sat in my computer chair and watch a ton of anime the past 2 weeks. These would be:

34 Detective Conan, 17 K-On, 7 K-On specials, 6 Trigun, 2 Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, 2 Naruto Shippuden, 2 Yumeiro Patissiere, 2 World Series Hetalia, and 1 Solty Rei

Yeah, it's a bit excessive, I know. It started when I decided I wanted to catch up on Detective Conan by watching a minimum of 3 episodes a day. I also picked up Trigun again (started over) for when I got tired of DC. But then I decided I wanted to check out K-On and I've watched nearly everything in 2 days. The rest is just stuff that's come up from currently airing anime. Well, except for Solty Rei. I've had the DVD sitting around and me and my girlfriend watched the first episode.

But yeah, I'm a bit ridiculous, huh? ^^;


chii avatar chii
May 22, 2010

*is much worse* watches about that much each day LOL

BlackVoid avatar BlackVoid
May 21, 2010

Thats actually not that bad. Only 4.6 episodes a day. Far from ridiculous, I've seen much worse.

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