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Maybe I Should Try Blogging More


So, blogging, huh? It's not something I've done much sense Xanga and Myspace fell off the face of the planet. You know, blogging was pretty much all X... read more

Episodes of Detective Conan to go back and watch

26 JAN

Some of the episodes of Dective Conan aren't subbed yet, so as I go through and watch them, I'll mark the ones I have to skip. This is not a blog real... read more

Milky Holmes makes me not so angry now

19 DEC

Ok, so I ranted in my last blog about Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and how it was made of suck. Now, it seems it has finally come to redeeming itself. I ... read more

Milky Holmes makes me angry

15 NOV

Simple enough. The premise of the show had such promise. And the first episode wasn't that disappointing either. Now I'm 6 episodes in and it just pis... read more

I watched a full day's worth of anime in 2 weeks

21 MAY

Title says it all. I have sat in my computer chair and watch a ton of anime the past 2 weeks. These would be:34 Detective Conan, 17 K-On, 7 K-On ... read more