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Seikon no Qwaser

Dec 15, 2012

Theres no point in watching this unless you just wanna get a on/off bonner; this is NOT fap material. Don't watch it Just don't. This Anime kinda feels like NTR because someone else sucks your "Maria's Soma" (Maria = God-Mother?) - (Soma = Milk) and rapes them.This anime is pretty much all about breasts which is little retarded and a little sexist to thee womens. (That's all there good for there milk).

The ecchi is excellent if you like bouncing boobs and some panty shots or someone sucking and licking tities and fingering it. Theres also a SEXY sadistic loli girl that does BDSM to a lesbian if your into that lmfao. THERE IS A LOT OF NUDITY! A LOT I SAY! (If that 13 year old was a pervert he would be dead from all the nosebleeds).

WTF were they thinking when they made this? Just what?! I know! "Tits".

 The characters uhhh welll idk how to explain it well, but theres a 13 year old boy that looks like a 10 year old girl that is out for revenge because someone killed his Oji whatever.

Theres a blue/purple haired girl with FUCKING HUGE TITS HUGE I SAY and is pretty much a retard. She is a slut basically giving her "Special" Soma to who ever wants it without puting up a fight. (She didn't care if her virginity was going to be taken by a rapist. (He did not rape her and felt sorry for her stupid ass). (Actually she wanted to die then the rapist felt sympathy for her and didn't rape her.) (If that was me... I WOULD BE ON THAT SHIT AND MAKE HER MY SEX SLAVE). XD

Theres a red haired girl thats a hot-blooded bitch that fell in love with the 13 year old later on the story. She talks big but doesnt have shit to bring to the table and ends up being saved by the 10/13 year old girl. Thats all im saying because I dont like this anime. Good Ecchi might be the best ive seen. (For bouncing breasts and nude loli girls).

Skip to eps 13 if you want to see all the girls nude and at the end all there tits bounce up and down. You will see why I call that 13 year old boy a girl. My fav ep lol. Hana has the best looking breast IMO to bad shes lesbo.

2/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
4/10 overall
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