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So I'm Vanessa. I'm Mexican and bilingual so feel free to talk to me in Spanish (´∀`)

I like anime but I take way too long to finish a series so my list isn't as extensive as others. I enjoy most genres of anime given that they have a good plot and well defined characters. My favorite kinds of anime usually range anywhere from tragedies to slapstick comedies. I love psychological anime and am currently in the process of watching more! And I'm a sucker for shoujo. Sometimes I question the anime I watch and sometimes I really want to drop something but I seriously feel bad if I don't finish an anime, so I really really try except when I really really don't. My first anime was Pokemon and Digimon, which I used to watch in English and Spanish dubs, interchangeably. But I didn't really know anything about anime then until about 9 years ago when I accidentally came across an anime and was like holycrapwhatisthiswhyisitsocoolomgomgomg or something like that.

Aside from anime ~ I'm a college grad. I like making stories and would love to become a writer one day. I like drawing and sculpting and being creative. Animals are my babies. I binge on foreign films in my spare time. I have a growing interest in learning new crafts and DIY .

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                   Mob-kun                            High School Handa-kun                                Tanaka-kun

k. see yaヾ(。・ω・。)

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UsagiDandere says...

Slow chatter has returned OwO

You said (sorry, I figured that you might need a reminder):

Hey hey hey! I don't know how long it took me to respond back, but here I am!! huhu!

Nijiiro Days is cute! But it's so short D: I've turned to the manga instead where cuteness galore is at an overload! Aside from kimi to boku, I'm not sure of any other similar anime, though I'm sure there are more. Okay so I'll give you some recommendations too. I liked all of these but they could be hits or misses for you. But I'll let you know why I liked them

& you recommended some good anime that I'm definitely going to check out (thank you, thank you!): Mononoke, Gosick, Hana-saku Iroha (added it to a secret priority list of mine), and Tokyo Magnitude >w<

For Tokyo Magnitude, you said:

Apparently i'm a huge masochist cause I love anime that make me bawl gross tears. This is one of them. This anime treads closer to reality.

ME TOO, I love getting major feels with anime (watch Fullmetal Alchemist if you want to get your heart ripped out). Lol we're kinda like Mizuki for once, yeah I finally watched Kamisama Kiss! Gosh I don't why I put it off it was so friggin goooood xD 

Mizuki was basically my favorite character in the whole thing >w< I love all the characters, but the hilarious flute scene and the fact that I'm obsessed with his voice actor put him on top! Do you have a favorite Kamisama character?

I took friggin forever, sorry bout that, but at least neither of us are especially speedy that's good >-<

Jun 28, 2016
Trinah101 says...

Hi ^.^

Yeah, I have a problem with organizing my thoughts as well... That's why all of my "reviews" are only on my custom lists. >.<

PS. Thank you for the follow as well! ^.^

Apr 6, 2016
UsagiDandere says...

Nice to meet you too! Jessica here ^w^

Haha, well to be honest, I prefer short anime anyway! It takes a lot more motivation for me to start an anime of 24 episodes or more. I'll be sure to try Eccentric Family >.<

Okay, as for recommendations, here are some that I love, so maybe you will as well:

  1. Hunter x Hunter 2011 (long I know, but worth it!)
  2. Love Stage!! (yes, this is a boy love story, but it's suuuuper-adorable. I PROMISE. Even guys like it <3)
  3. The Seven Deadly Sins
  4. K Project* (the art is my favorite EVER and the characters are very well-done)
  5. Gargantia*
  6. Noucome (it was so ridiculously hilarious that I didn't mind the ecchi and harem aspect, but it won't appeal to everyone)

* means it's under your watch-to-watch already, but I'm just saying "Go for it!"

Other than those, don't forget to check out Konosuba this season; it has had its fair share of hilarious moments so far xD

Yay, I finally met somebody else who likes Nijiiro Days! I'm interested in Kimi to Boku, now that you said that it's similar. Any other anime like Nijiiro Days that you can think of? Or just recommendations in general? I love recommendations, lol ^___^

Jan 25, 2016
UsagiDandere says...

Thanks for follow! I like your lists, especially your top anime one; it seems that we similar tastes :D

So if you're ever in the mood to give and/or receive recommendations, you should let me know (or if you want a slighty slow chatting partner like meee)!  Until then, have a nice rest of your day!

P.S. I'd be interested in why Eccentric Family is good (I'd never heard of that one until now) xP

Jan 11, 2016
alltimeyolow says...

yes, it was one of my favorite animes. c: i thought it was just too cute! <3

Mar 6, 2015