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Hello people of anime planet(^-^)! My name is Léa but you can call me Vampy.

Ehehe nice to meet you all~

I spend my free time watching anime and reading manga (who would have tought of that), writing short stories, playing MMORPGs or on my Nintendo DS. I loooooove sweet stuff (ohmaygawd candy and cakes), stuffed toys and anything thats cute and fulffyヽ( ★ω★)ノ Cats, high stockings, fantasy books and kpop also belong to my list of <3 things.

I'm very picky with my anime and that may be one of the reasons i haven't watched so much of it, I also have a habit of stalling most of the animes I'm watching. I hope this all will change now~

I've discovered anime about 4 years ago trough manga and my favourite categories are fantasy, mystery, horror, josei and reverse harem (:3 muhuhu). As for manga, i love manga which have demons in them, romance, historical and fantasy 


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KonaIzumi Oct 21, 2014

In Tera I created a Castanic Mage ^^ I loved so much that class *-*

KonaIzumi Oct 14, 2014

I have played way too many MMORPG @_@ the ones I remember are ... Ragnarok Online, NeverWinter Nights, Aura Kingdom, Tera, Aion, Lineage II, Grand Fantasia, Eden Eternal, Fly For Fun, ArcheAge ... and I think I'm missing somes xD

My favorite EVER is Lineage II, others as Grand Fantasia, Eden Eternal, Fly For Fun ... are too bored for me. I can play 2 weeks or so, but after that I get really bored of the game >_<.

What characters you created in Tera?

KonaIzumi Oct 13, 2014

Thank your for taking your time to read my bio *-*

Is really great to see that we share that much animes watched ^^ You've also lots of the ones I've already watched in your want to watch and watching list, which is pretty cool !! :D

May I ask what MMORPG's games are you playing or what's the last you played? ^^

KonaIzumi Oct 11, 2014

Konnichiwa Vampy-san >w< how are you?

Yes, I love Lucky Star *-* and nice bio by the way ;3

KonaIzumi Oct 1, 2014

^^)/ just passing by to say hi!