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wolfangel87 Nov 21, 2007

Hehehe, I am watching Death note right now too!  How are you liking it?

wolfangel87 Nov 21, 2007


Have you discovered the customized siganture option yet?

1010rikku Oct 22, 2007

*confused look on face* am episode is playing as I speak...that's weird...

1010rikku Oct 22, 2007

It's on a site called crunchyroll, they have ony unlicenced anime though. I have a profile there, same nic as this site, and have no friends there *sad* come visit!! :D

You can totally check out the forums here too, it's alot of fun and the people are great!

1010rikku Oct 22, 2007

I noticed you had Zombie Loan in your want to watch, it's a really fun short series. Interesting story, cute charaters (very cute) nice animation. I just wanted to stop by, steal a moment of your time and recommend you see it asap :)

It hasn't been licensed yet, but there are some great fansubs available, if you are into that.  I think I read in anime insider it might be lisenced soon thought...EEEK, race against the clock!!