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wolfangel87 Nov 21, 2007


I love vampires!  You should fill out your profile so everyone can learn more about you! 

sothis Nov 9, 2007

Hello, just wanted to give a heads up about the Karas contest... I see that you entered, but you are currently ineligible due to not having a fully filled out profile. Please see the contest page for more details on eligibility. You have a day to fill out the info, so if you are still interested in entering, have at it! ^_^

~sothis, webmistress

tetra Nov 2, 2007

Yo! Welcome to AnimePlanet!

Noticed your siggie, there is a signature among the forums where other members have posted self-made pictures for the sigs for the rest of us to use. Check it out if you want one.  =)