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Well I decided to change this because the more I looked over my old one the more i didnt like it. So its now 3 am and I am going to try to write a half decent bio about myself so bare with me with and spelling or typos.

Well there are three things I need to say and it about sums up everything.

1.I am VERY addicted to anime

2.I love vampire and my vampires dont sparkle in the sunlight (no offence to twlight fans)

3.I love trying new anime submit me some and i will check into.

I have spent the year 2009 really getting involed in anime I watch cartoons on Tv and from there started my addiction. My first real anime I watched was Gundam Seed. I fell in love with it and still to this day I will stand beside it although I have found better. I spend about 9-10 Hours A day watching anime. And I can finish a 35 episode anime in 1 day(I have done it already)

I am a sucker for romance,Sci fi, Horror, a good slice of life every once in awhile And a reverse harem OH and of course Vampires. I have watched most of the common anime and now I am digging deeper to older ones.

What a perfect anime has.

1.A good Plot I hate when they shove a plot into 12 episodes half of them are either to slow or pushed to fast. I like a nice paced anime.

2.I do consider drawing and background music in my anime and if the drawings suck then I normally turn away and find another one.

3.Hot anime guy(lol come on every anime needs one)

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Sunagan Jan 7, 2010

Welcome to AP! As i read your request for recommendations, i enthusiastically started to browse through your anime list, but it's difficult! I see Fruits Basket, i think: Ouran High School Host Club! (but you've already seen it). I see code geass, i think Death Note! But you're already watching it... I see bleach and i think naruto, one piece, hajime no ippo, but you seem to be not very fond of shounen.... I think vampire anime? Vampire Knight, but again you've already seen it... hmmm lets see vampires vampires.... If you like ecchi you could eventually try Rosario to Vampire, but i didn't really like it, it was shallow, predictable and fairly boring. The only other thing i can think of is Karin, a really charming anime about an unusual vampire girl. i really liked it, but this anime is in the realm of cute, sweet romance and has nothing thrilling about it. Still, i liked it and it was fairly easy to watch through.. ^_^...

Oh and I see you liked Clannad, well Kanon 2006 is the same kind of story and the same art style, and you could even try Air but it's much more confusing and mysterious.

Well that's all I could think of ^_^!!! Btw wolf's rain rocks indeed!


HikaruTenshi Jan 7, 2010

To Anime-Planet. ^_^

I really dig your signature..