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Not really sure what to say here. I'm Valerie, otherwise known as Val-chan. Pleased t'meetcha!

Please don't be shy if you'd like to say hi, I'm always up for making new friends. :)

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VivisQueen Jan 15, 2011

Hi valchan,

This site is adamant about quality of information. It benefits everyone that the information you come across is free of spoilers, errors, typos, and that the writing is readable. For that reason, all information that goes on the site as 'official' is moderated. Sothis is the only person who can add screenshots and synopses. There are character moderators who can add characters information directly, but to become one you must join the character moderation team and have shown yourself as capable of not just producing high quality entries but also be able to edit other people's submissions.

So, although it may seem slow, the system has worked to make AP one of the most consistently high quality sites around. If you want a swift response, by all means send sample synopses and screenshots to [email protected] and I can tell you whether your info is likely to go on the site.

VivisQueen Jan 15, 2011

Haha! You actually managed to bring vivafruit out of his slumber and get him to respond. Unfortunately, he can't help you. Send a synopses and about 15 screenshots (mix of character, action, and scenery shots) that YOU have taken yourself to [email protected] Please note, synopses have to be self-written; you must not lift synopses from other websites. Screenshots must also be original. If your synopsis and screenshots are of the required quality, they will be added. Thank you for showing an interest in adding entries.

vivafruit Jan 14, 2011

Hi! I think you have to talk to sothis to do anime synopses. Contact her.