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How I got to this site is a short story: for some reason I happen to be highly interested in visual art and non-mainstream movies. For anime, I don't like it as a generic thing just for being drawn or being Japanese, but there are works there which go beyond just cartoons, and seeking a way to separate them led me here.

In general, I watch mostly serious seinen movies or series. But, as I've done with the ones most interesting, currently I'm looking into other genres - lately even oddball comedies.

A few words about how I rate anime, if you decide to check my list - my ratings are probably lower than usual, since I consider 3 to be the average, not a condemnation.

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sothis Sep 13, 2007

we seem to score things in a similar fashion ;) maybe I should check out Pumpkin Scissors, after all...

OneiChan Aug 28, 2007

Whilst I am not near as strict as you in what I watch (I like a little of everything as far as genres are concerned) I really enjoy more 'adult' types of series. Mentionables would be Lain, Paranoia Agent, Haibane, Mushishi and Monster. Dark tones, mature stories, and no real 'anime cliches' involved. How come you haven't filled in your anime list? *asks for the selfish reason of wanting to pick through it* It could be really beneficial, ya know :D 

Anyhow, I see you on the forum all the time and happened to run across your profile so I figured I would say "hello"