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How I got to this site is a short story: for some reason I happen to be highly interested in visual art and non-mainstream movies. For anime, I don't like it as a generic thing just for being drawn or being Japanese, but there are works there which go beyond just cartoons, and seeking a way to separate them led me here.

In general, I watch mostly serious seinen movies or series. But, as I've done with the ones most interesting, currently I'm looking into other genres - lately even oddball comedies.

A few words about how I rate anime, if you decide to check my list - my ratings are probably lower than usual, since I consider 3 to be the average, not a condemnation.

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sothis Aug 14, 2014

Whoa! I only just now noticed that you came back (After seeing that excellently worded rec for Planetes/Rescue Wings), glad to see you again :)

sothis Jul 28, 2009

Checked out v3 yet? :p

Cetonis Nov 13, 2007

You are just completely saving me in the objective therad... your arguments are just so much more clear and concise than I seem to be capable of ^_^ I hope I'm not just getting in your way -.-'

sothis Sep 17, 2007

Just wanted to give another shout out for the recommendations... really liking them so far. Keep up the good work!

sothis Sep 13, 2007

Mmm, random comedic elements thrown in indeed doesn't always work :/ I was glad that FMA managed to keep such a good balance between the two tones and it just... worked.

As a note though, I notice you don't have a few things in your list that you really should consider watching: Mushishi and Kino's Journey (due to liking Haibane -- these are super intelligent as well; trust me!), Hi no Tori (a personal favorite, it's a looot like Kino and I can't really explain why. Quite, quite epic if you get all the way through it. There's a chance you might like Denno Coil as well but I wasn't a fan.