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ElementEighty Apr 21, 2009

Don't know about Soul Eater but i can tell you that a third season of Black Lagoon has been announced if you didn't know, no release date yet though

yea your right Roberta, The bloodhound of Florencia... awesome

Haven't started on Queens blade yet

I have been watching Serei no Moribito, it's kinda slow paced but the animation and fight scenes are superb. You would love the spearwielding heroine lead Balsa :D

Probably gonna start on Skip Beat or Clannad After Story since i loved Clannad and After Story just got a great review on this site


ElementEighty Apr 20, 2009

I also like Revy's tattoo, its like a sun with the rays forming a tribal pattern. Would like something like that but i cant have one that i cant cover at work or i wont have a work : P, Allready got a smaller tribal tattoo on my right shoulder though.

Finnished Black Lagoon the Vampire twins arc was my favorite, they were so creepy it made me shiver at some point :D.

Did you finnish Soul Eater ? The end was truely aweome


ElementEighty Apr 12, 2009

It's great that you liked Zero no Tsukaima


Black Lagoon is awesome! Watched the first 12 episodes, Revy reminds me so much of Guts from Berserk she might even be more screwed up if possible

but very entertaining :D

ElementEighty Apr 6, 2009

Just finnished They are my Noble Masters, pretty weird show but i can see why it got the Shoujo-ai tag <3

Going for Skip Beat! or Black Lagoon now

probably gonna start with Black Lagoon since i just got my dose of fluffyness :D

ElementEighty Apr 3, 2009

Thank you for taking your time on recommending some animes

Great with another Shoujo-ai lover!

You're right about our taste being the same, allready watched Otome wa Boku Ni Koishiteru just missed it when marking my watched.

And i planned to watch They are my Noble Masters but never got to it because of work.

Definitely going to look into Skip Beat

Also did some reseach on Queens blade, it sounds intriguing.

In return i would like to recommend Zero no Tsukaima to you

You're not gonna regret watching it! I love the romance part of that one and its really funny too.

Also i am currently watching Seraphims call because i heard rumours about Shoujo-ai in one of the episodes.

Only watched the first episode but i really liked it even though its an ancient anime :P