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about me

 Why Urusaii?.

well.. I'm Clarence Danielle C. Navarro.15. also known as DYAN.. basically a girl filled with her ragged thoughts about this so-called Japanimation or may i call it.. "anime".

Obviously, i just started to have an addiction with this sort of stuff. I'm not used to this but it made me feel like "Ooh.! This kind of story exists huh!." It was like I've never been so into "it" before that it made me realize that a new world of dimension came in my way.

Deep?. Yes. It's just too deep. To shallow it all.. I'm glad I made it though. I'm happy that this world's been introduced to me all at once. and i can say.. Watching anime is a thing i can't resist and Loving anime is a thing i won't insist. It just happened that it has been a part of my life now. It inspires, encourages and entertains me a lot. It's like i've made a new bond with my friends through this. Anime stuffs definitely, has been a part of my life since then.

y urusaii.?? well in japanese.. it means "Shut Up!". Harhar. and guess who often says that line?. She's Shana from Shakugan no Shana. I've just finished the season 1 and i noticed that line of hers. Haha. What a crazy thing to do but it doesn't matter. So i'll use this name after all. :)

Noticeably, I'm addicted to Shakugan no Shana. Besides its amazing plot, i've learned to love the characters and the graphics as well. It's neither deep nor shallow. I've learned that love finds it way even if fate was already planned on those two hearts. The story revolves in battles to keep the balance of the world. Shana and Yuji find their way on how to surpass every challenge of theirs without harming each other and realizing that.. hmm they already loved each other so much. Flame Haze and a Mistes over their destined courses huh?. What an amazing story!

My Other Top-billed ANIME...

  • Bokura Ga Ita - I'd watched it in Crunchyroll and I can say, every episodes means a lot to its story. Well, with poor graphics but TRULY heart-bumping scenes and lines and PLOT, this romantic anime definitely cried my heart out and it made me feel like, the saddest thing could happen in one's love story. It's a story of confusion between a dead girlfriend and a new girlfriend.. who hurts the most?


  • Ginban Kaleidoscope - Only watched it in the net, I can say that it's the first anime that I really cried in little tears. It's ending seems attached to me and it's been days since i got over with it. It made me depressed.. ohhh. :P It's a story of a hopeless skater and an ambitious but dead air-craft pilot. The latter stayed in the skater's body for 100 days and it seemed like .. a love sprung between a human and ghost. It's a fun story and amazingly, a sad story for everyone.


  • Death Note- having watched it in its Live action, this anime sure gave me a hint in everything. L and Light as its main characters, I gradually thought of a way on how these 2 can make it in the end. But unfortunately, they both died. All hail L. harhar!. :)


  • Itazura na Kiss- Thanks for the recommendation of my friends, I tried this one. It's one of the best animes i watched. Besides its relative story, this sure brought the humor out of me. A story WORTH-watching, really. I even had LSS with it's ending song. An intelligent ideal guy falling inlove with a stupid dumbass can't even answer an elementary question- girl.. huh?. and it all started with a kiss. :)

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"It's like I've lived to meet you!. " ---

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bonjob avatar bonjob


Jan 20, 2009

hoist. anu ba mga pnagpapanood mo.

kakashii avatar kakashii


Dec 24, 2008

haha parang timang nag comment sa sarili. :))

bonjob avatar bonjob


Dec 23, 2008

hoi hoi! blanko pa ang prof. mo. HAHA!

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