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I try to rate my anime based on residual psychological impact. I like to keep my mood light if possible so I'm usually watching comedy, ecchi, or gag anime but on occasion I will go deep with some josei, seinen, romance, horror and drama. That said, my favorite anime of all time was Monster. I mean it's so unlike any other anime I've experienced, and it plays out like an epic novel. I pretty open to anything really, as long as I find it interesting. I marked sports as my least favorite genre but I've seen a few series that I really like in that vein so who knows?

Big Jim made this Hitoha badge ^ it's cool right?


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EdVolacu avatar EdVolacu

Thanks! ^_^

Jan 20, 2014

nice profile pic, it reminds me of a serie (non anime)

Yūsha Yoshihiko

NorthPole avatar NorthPole


Oct 30, 2012

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Dreador avatar Dreador

Great Reviews!

Oct 16, 2012

Just came across your blog entry "Best Series List Summer 2010" on the Shukufuku no Campanella page, thought you may have throught it was good then when going in it says "15. Shukufuku no Campanella (worst piece of shit I've seen awhile - total trash" HAHA, totally missleading title :P

Zaig avatar Zaig


May 23, 2012

Here's a toast to your four years of hard work!

(WTH. My captcha is upside down...)

Funkgun avatar Funkgun


May 17, 2012

I have yet to add the bad ass unitzero as a friend? I will remmedy that right now. =)

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