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はじめまして、ウキフネ です。

Hi I'm ukifune 浮舟 (drifting boat), a nineteen-year-old, anime fan.

I have been watching anime for many years. When I was younger it was something I watched with my brothers, Dragon Ball Z and the like, but these days I watch it on my own time!

I am a university student, studying International Studies and language. I speak English, Arabic, French, and Japanese. I have lived in Japan for a while, and now I am studying in France, although I usually study in Seattle, Washington.

I listen to a lot of Japanese music and watch a lot of J-Drama as well; I find it really great for improving my vocabulary. I signed up on the site because I wanted to see some recommendations based on anime I already like, so I hope I can learn of new series to watch and make some friends too!


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